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One-stop shop hardware development

Our brand is synonymous with hardware development. By leveraging the experience we’ve gained over hundreds of successful projects, we have aggregated world-class hardware, firmware and software capabilities in-house, powered with  scalable cloud architecture.

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From idea to end product

We started as an IoT Startup in 2013. Since 2018 HUBrt offers a full-spectrum hardware development process, including industrial design, PCB development, embedded solutions, rapid prototyping, manufacturing engineering and cloud solution development for both digital devices and hardware platforms. 

What is Hardware Development

When we talk about “Hardware” we refer specifically to electrical or electro-mechanical devices, typically containing either firmware or embedded software. Thus, hardware development refers to the iteration process that goes into conceptualizing devices that are designed to be manufactured.  This includes research, designing circuitry concepts and circuit diagrams, layouts and programming the electronics, prototyping, and building the new hardware as needed.

Hardware Product Development
Intelligent Hardware

Intelligent Hardware

Hardware will only work as well as the software that runs it. This requires software that makes the hardware work, and software that transforms hardware into a smart commercial product, such as a cloud application, mobile app and so on.  

HUBrt has the in-house expertise to help create your powerful hardware products, the sophisticated firmware and the needed software platforms to turn your concept into a proven smart product.

Our Hardware Development Services

Electrical Engineering

Hardware dev & Prototyping

PCB Design & Layout

Cloud Platform & App development

Firmware & Embedded Design

Wireless & RF Design

Expert Engineers

We are a strong team with years of hands-on experience in hardware design and software development, ensuring only highly skilled engineers will work on your projects.

Our hardware development team also has vast experience with low level languages on top of expertise developing hardware architecture and different chipset such as XILINX FPGAs and ARM processors. This gives us the ability to design, program and create circuit boards or anything else your project needs.

Hardware Engineers

We Are
Trusted Worldwide

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Transparent and Supervised Processes
Our managers value on-time product delivery and process efficiency. That’s why we’re committed to transparent implementation, so you’ve always got a complete view of our development team’s progress.
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Development from Scratch
Our cooperation always starts with Proof of Concept validation to avert hurdles down the development pipeline.

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Smooth Integration
Just like Sade with the operator, we’re smoother integrators! The hardware we develop is conceived, by design, to seamlessly integrate with already existing system landscapes, providing the most optimal and cost-effective solution.
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Comprehensive Approach
We’re laser-focused on ensuring that every detail of hardware products are developed according to spec. This includes verifying that system components are seamlessly interconnected and that the system architecture is coherently optimized.

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